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16th October 19
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Worship at St Oswald’s


Worship is an integral part of life at St Oswald’s.  We meet together as a school every morning to praise God and give thanks.  We use ‘Values for Life’ as our guide for worship, and each half term, a class takes responsibility for the Christian Value that is our focus.  This half term, Spring 2 2015, Year Three are leading through our focus Value which is Trust.


Children have opportunities to reflect upon our values and complete challenges, write prayers or ask questions.  They have the opportunity to read the bible and reflect upon what they have read.  There are prayer areas in each classroom and prayers are said throughout the day at different times.  We encourage the children to consider ‘What would Jesus do?’


Our behaviour policy is centred around the five values of:

·         Respect

·         Kindness

·         Patience

·         Self-Control

·         Politeness

We call this collection of Christian Values ‘St Oswald’s Fruits of the Vine’.   We talk to the children very often about these and show them where they are rooted in scripture.  We use these values to encourage children to treat each other as they would expect to be treated themselves.